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You may have noticed the world coming to an end. We certainly did.


2SUNS magazine - the scorchingly foul-mouthed online organ of current affairs which didn't waste any of its precious time with hope. Like Private Eye nursing a scotch in a bar at the end of the world, between 2010 and 2016, 2SUNS provided an unique combination of humour, insight and despair, before it all finally became too much to bear. Now for the first time, most of the words (largely incredibly strong swearwords) are collected together in a physical book, because 2SUNS was nothing if not behind the times in every possible way.


Remind yourself of long-forgotten idiocies like the Liam Fox's mate scandal or the Sky Sports misogyny row. Realise you'd forgotten entire wars that took place over that time. Marvel at how we were all once terrified of Sarah Palin becoming President. Gain a greater understanding of how we reached our present apocalypse. Pull up a seat, pour yourself some antidepressants, and enjoy the legacy of 2SUNS - the newsmagazine the world deserved.


Yes, well, we got in a bit of legal bother over those, which is why none of them are here anymore. Neither are they in the book Not the illustrative (if legally foggy) photos nor the spoof adverts, that were occasionally almost as funny as the ones you'd find in the Viz. We can't afford it.

What's even sadder is that some of the words are missing, too, like the Anatomy of a Turd features, as well as everything not written by our internal one-man staff.

But! These things are not lost! Simply support us in our future endeavours to the tune of an extra fiver and you will get the complete archives, including all the special editions, misspellings, stupid adverts and all, as a thank-you gift. You can even keep supporting past the initial month if you like.


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